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The safest thing in the world is to form an opinion and never stray from it. It’s like a castle with the front door always locked. The only issue is the library is outside the castle filled with people of a lot of different experiences and opinions.

It’s easy to be judgmental. It’s harder to just look at something for what it is at that moment. A living movie being played out right in front of you. No director. No way to know what’s really going to happen. That’s what I crave. Trying to dissect the tidbits of information in front of me. Look for trends. Look for opportunity costs. Evaluate the risks. Notice adoption and pop.

Currently, blockchain technology has us all in a stir. It feels like 2010 mobile or 1997 internet to me. There is just an energy around people and the desire to push to know more. I relate it to something I understand reasonably. That is games.

Sure everyone it trying to use blockchain for ledgers. A way to trace a mortgage potentially stopping another housing lending recession. Understand that your stalk of celery came from a farm in Peru by Truck 4PERU32Q then Train can K89KHN2, followed by another truck, and another, then your nearest grocer all with silly numbers we will now understand because they will have a context that matter to us as end consumers. Just as important as the consume by date on a gallon of milk.

Games and related services have a lot more opportunities with the blockchain because they start off digital with a business to consumer relationship. Hopefully, I stick with this blog long enough to see if the crud I say has any merit.

Does anything I say have merit?
Depends on what you think of me. It’s all just opinions with the facts.

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