Crypto Game Detective 1 : Deex and Lordmancer 2

I’m really looking forward to this. It feels like adding #game #crypto #BTC is a way to get some organic traffic to a twitter post. I realize any #hashtag can be added to any post whether it is relevant or not, but let’s stick to what I’m currently enjoying #game #crypto.

games and crypto
games and crypto Twitter search first find

This is the first thing I saw after the crypto and games search. A classic example of finding the easiest way to incorporate cryptocurrency and a game. Play my game and earn my cryptocurrency. Let’s dig deeper.

The link first took me to a Facebook Group with more information about the game and the exchange Deex. After some examination Deex is going to allow the trading and purchasing of the crypto-coin that powers the game Lordmancer 2.

Deex appears to be another decentralized exchange with it’s own ICO. At today’s ethereum ETH rate of near $900 a coin they have raised $6.6 million before their launch.

Deex exchange ICO

Lordmancer 2 also conducted an ICO for it’s in-game crypto. The most info I can find on the site made it seem it was ether based, they raised at least $1mil for the game, and ICO price was 2960 LCs per one Ether with a 9.8 million supply.

Some info about the game Lordmancer 2.

It’s currently out on beta for Android.
Seems ambitious Final Fantasy Tactics with clan fighting.
Uses its own eth based currency called LC (Lord Coin).
Looks like it is being developed in Unity3d, just call it a hunch.
A bunch of white dudes are developing it (lots of pics of them on the site)

Here is how the currency will work. Really similar to the World of Warcraft auction house including the service % cut. 

Lordmancer 2 crypto usage
Lordmancer 2 crypto usage from
Lordmancer 2 crypto usage
Lordmancer 2 crypto usage auction house

The description of the auction house system is interesting. There is a 20% transaction fee, 10% from the buyer and 10% from the seller. 50% of the fee goes to a wallet to fund development and support. The other 50% is destroyed. I’m not necessarily sure why they would want to destroy the currency when there is already a limited supply. They are suggesting it will create more demand for their coin on outside markets and force a bullish price. The theory here is scarcity. 9.8million coins is a lot.

It could work out fine. The game may suck and it is not heavily adopted which makes the price for their crypto and in-game items very low. However, if the game is kick ass and gets a lot of player retention it may cause items to be worth much more because the coin is worth more due to scarcity.

Let me know if you try the game and feel free to share what you think about their cryptocurrency play.


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