About Me

Hi I’m Jared Steffes. 

I’m a true serial entrepreneur that has experienced success and failure. I think it is proper to have experienced both sides because getting from the start of something to the sale requires a continuously changing plan. I’m comfortable with the unknown and creating plans based on risks and expected outcomes.

Working in the game development, dev tools, and player space has been a blessing. I’ve been immersed in all sides of the game business. I’m enthusiastic to be working with the United Kingdom based SteelMedia’s PocketGamer.biz brand as the Americas Business Development agent.

My goals are to increase activities and partnerships that help foster a vibrant game development and player community. I am comfortable with PocketGamer.biz because while I was founding Tap.Me I had the opportunity to partner and work with the SteelMedia team. They are a great bunch of people and work to foster game development and game player communities.

Lately I have been surrounding myself with virtual reality and live streaming. I am still contracting with NVIDIA and AKQA producing and moderating the Official NVIDIA Twitch.Tv channel. The channel has grown very quickly and exceeded expectations with 12 hours of live content 7 days a week. I’m also working on a couple of unannounced projects, in the spare time I find!

Skills and projects:

  • User Acquisition : Example
  • Marketing plan : Example
  • Product management
  • Evangelism & business development : Example
  • Management consulting
  • Efficiency consulting
  • Mobile and online gambling expert
  • Mobile advertising expert
  • Prototyping and market fit

Companies I have helped start include:

  • DeFrag (non-profit video game development organization)
  • Rt. 66 Raceway (world class drag strip in Joliet, IL) Acquired 2001
  • Chicagoland Speedway (NASCAR & IRL racing facility) Acquired 2005
  • G xpert (nanotechnology and gaming) Closed 2007
  • Yellow Car Studios (terrorism and PTSD training video games studio) Became Tap.Me in 2010
  • Metamoorephosis Games (mobile game studio) Became Tap.Me in 2010
  • Tap.Me (mobile in-game advertising network) Acquired 2012
  • Matador (business messaging mobile app) Paused development
  • Nibletz (startup news website, did not start it but helped it get acquired 2014)
  • Furywing (social and real money game studio) Became GetBetz 2014
  • GetBetz (mobile store for apps that win real money and prizes) Closed 2015
  • EpicpowerGaming.com (video game news and opinion website)

Games I have worked on:

  • ProjectGreenlight 3: FEAST (prototype for Bravo TV 2005) Lead Designer/Producer
  • National Geographic : Earth Online (MMORPG 2006) Studio Director and Game Design
  • DefJam:ICON (EA Chicago 2007) Audio Design
  • Bioterrorism Training Simulator (game with Rush University 2008) Studio Director and Game Design
  • PTSD Game (Chicago University and Dept. of Def.) Game Design and production
  • bitFlip (iPhone 2009) Producer
  • bitFlip HD (iPad 2010) Producer and Game Design
  • Galaxy Golf (iOs 2010) Producer and Game Design
  • Friends in Space free to play (iOs 2010) Studio Director and Game Design
  • Sugar Bliss Slots free to play (iOs, Kindle, Android 2013) Studio Director and Game Design
  • Sugar Bliss Slots real money slots (iOs, Android 2013) Studio Director and Game Design
  • Fantasy Scratch real money advertising game (iOs, Android 2014) Studio Director
  • Cash Track real money advertising game (iOsn Android 2015) Director and Game Design

Advisor of:

Alumni of:

  • DePaul University (College of Commerce) 2004
  • Excelerate Labs 2010 (TechStars Chicago) with Tap.Me
  • Tandem Capital Incubator 2014 with Furywing