The Art of Raising Money is There is Art

Art for many of my friends is passion.

I feel like I often lose the true meaning for what I am doing. Sure I would like everything to be successful and make money, but there is a deeper feeling within that I need to let come out. Ultimately that feeling is the art. It is the passion.

Passion drives the world for the greatest change. That is why we remember people and create stories for them when they are gone because we never knew what truly drove them. I would have loved the chance to sit down with Mother Teresa and talk about what drives her, but I realize I would not understand it at that moment.

My passion is confronted with lots of pseudo reasons because of experiences till this current point in the present. It is taxing to dredge through them to find the deepest root, the part that only a dentist could resolve if it were a toothache. I’m dealing with insecurity, uncertainty, wishful thinking, and regret on a daily basis. I don’t feel that makes me any less of a leader than anyone else. I however realize it gives me an upper hand because I can properly assess my current situation allowing me to let go and deal with pressing moments at hand with my team and ultimately the direction of my company.

Have you ever had people rally against you at one of the most critical moments of your life that would affect their’s and your well beings while your body is screaming to provide excuses but you can do the only thing that is expected of you, which is to truly listen and absorb their concerns while being selfless on a personal level? I have. My ego drives me daily which is required for my line of business, but deep down I have a love for myself, my co-workers, and the customers we are providing a service to. I will not put out a product I would not use. I will not do something because it is popular but ultimately harmful. I will love every waking second I am building my company.

Everything is stacked against us as humans at all times. We fight one another, we feel things that can’t be explained, and we make decisions based off a “gut feeling” that has no scientific value BUT we keep going on hoping we are right and won’t go the way of the dinosaurs.

That is my art, my passion, my reason to get up and go forwards with the conclusion of brain cells firing against each other to create a moment of genius that test data has proven to correlate to be better than what is currently available on the market. My passion is to be the best and thrive to suffocate the negatives against us humans. That is the real reason people believe because there is something deep to believe in. It’s not smoke and mirrors.

It’s calculated faith, and it goes further distance because it feels real and it feels good. The story is right. The team is toned. The future is bright. The tolls are paid and the car is gassed up to go. I’ve already started moving forward with these people. Will you join us?


Quick, affordable, & profitable way to start SCRYPT mining crypto

I received an email today for a great deal.

A 1300 khs SCRYPT miner that uses 45 watts of power for $89.
but what makes the deal even better is the miner is hosted for free for 1 year at a server farm!

This means no cost to power it.

I did some math and it appears you can break even in 120ish days meaning you will have 245 of profit.

After the year is over you can pay for more hosting or have the mining card shipped to you.

Dogecoin your wallet out!!20140710-125209-46329694.jpg



Quick way to get into and get some cryptocurrency

Cryptiv has finally launched. I’ve been waiting for news since I first heard about the new crypto coin tipping site back in March.

Sign up through the link below and confirm your email to receive 10,000 satoshi and 500 dogecoin

Now I can send and receive tips through my twitter @jaredsteffes

Opening Keynote at Everywhere Else May 1, 2014

Hey everyone!
I was blessed to be able to do the opening keynote at Everywhere Else in Memphis, TN last week. I was not in the best of health due to my crazy allergies, but I am really proud of my personal growth as a speaker and entrepreneur.

The beginning encapsulates the big events in my life until now and sums up some important messages for culture for you new business.

Thanks for watching!

How to disable comments on a WordPress page

This took me a while to figure out, and it is located in a dumb spot. Plus + there is no universal way to disable comments for all pages!

To get rid of this ugliness… .. . “Leave a Replay”
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.23.32 PM

Log in to your WordPress. Click Pages on your dashboard.

Now move your mouse cursor to the page you want to remove comments from.

A new toolbar appears! Click Quick Edit.
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.24.35 PMNow you will have access to a little checkbox that allows you to disable comments. (Just uncheck the Allow Comments box in the right column). Make sure you click the Update button!
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.24.46 PM
Just rinse and repeat for your other pages.


Love is small and easy to project unto the world

I recently moved to follow my business. I have also been working every couple of days on improving myself with Kevin Chick-Dockery. Neither have been easy. My wife is still slugging it out at her job near Chicago, alone. I miss her dearly. Kevin has also been giving me the tools to rewire my brain and not get trapped by my old habits.

Since the move I have decided to stay strong and really focus on the fact there are a lot of people that love me and want me to succeed. This has really come forth in my day to day reactions with lots of new faces. I am more appreciative and thankful in my actions.

I swear to God its contagious. Since moving at the end February I have been hugged by 3 random strangers for just doing super tiny acts of kindness. Like helping a woman who struggles to walk to get up on a curb. Grabbing items off the top shelf at a grocery store. Letting a man in a hurry with his sick daughter cut in front of me at the grocery store.

I’ve always been willing to do this stuff before, but I must be giving off some other form of energy that just makes me seem open and defenseless with my smile. It’s just different than before. My wife Shannon noticed when we first started going out that random people would just open up and talk to me or ask for help. Her mom also noticed it as the years went on. I never thought it was strange because I didn’t mind it. The world can be so cold and alone that it is nice to cause warming friction against our instinctual judgement to not bother anyone because they are likely to busy or might not like me.

It’s all bullshit. All these feelings that we conjure that tell us not to do something. Next time tell yourself that you don’t matter. You just don’t matter. Everything else matters. Start by picking up some trash on the ground and throw it out. It’s super simple. It feels good. Don’t even think about how it got there. Just know that its gone now, you’re gone now. It’s a great feeling, once you get past letting go of you.

Check out this tear jerker.

Opinion: Why Facebook bought Oculus VR for $2billion

Upon hearing the news I looked like.



But then I thought this makes a lot of sense.

It_cc56e8_2806222I always felt Facebook would never be a one-trick-pony. Google, Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft started doing one thing and quickly expanded beyond their boundaries.

hE37FFCEBOculus is the first VR product utilizing the past 50 years of VR development to finally deliver everything  these unfortunate gimmicks from the 1990’s painted in the imaginations of our minds, that is until we actually tried them on.



I wanted so hard for these to be the coolest thing while I was in high school, but they were just big pieces of shit.

Now Facebook has direct tentacles into a product that is embedded in the hearts and minds of humanity. Allowing a vision of what we wanted from Google Glass to exist right within its reach.

Oculus goes beyond Facebook and social media. It has the motivation to define an entire market that humanity has yet to see develop beyond the tiny mobile screens of our phones. VR is posed to be the way we will manipulate our Bitcoin wallets and really visit Mars. Facebook just has the power to see beyond social (which many experts have been predicting a decline in it’s daily customers and possibly fizzing out by 2020) and step/buy right dab in the middle of the next way to monetize our eyeballs.

Here is a link to the story on pocket if you haven’t hear yet.

I just really hope something like this doesn’t happen

Addition: Thanks to @timlobes for sending this pic to add!

Estimating Costs for a Budget Sheet for Your Startup (HR, Insurance, Employee Expenses)

I’m building a new budget sheet with cash flow, operating expenses, major purchases, and personnel plan for Furywing. I don’t have any feelings anymore about building these because I have done it so many times in my life.

There are some pain in the butt parts to building a budget. They are estimating:

  • Employee related expenses
  • Insurance
  • Payroll costs
  • Outsourced human resources

– some people wrap payroll into human resources, but I don’t. I like stating a service and it’s cost because it can be reasonably predicted/estimated.

Employee related expenses depend on where you are. Since I am talking about software employees lets assume the Silicon Valley would be the highest because you are dealing with fancy medical insurances, benefits, gym memberships, free food, and blah blah blah. It’s safe to estimate 30% of total salary. Everywhere Else is 8% to 25%.

I estimate 18% on my budget.

Insurance isn’t healthcare for your employees. It is business, code, building, life, and worker’s compensation insurance. Here is the official names of this stuff: ( I got them from this really nice article)

  • Errors & Omissions Liability (E & O) + Cyber/Network Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy and a Commercial Property Policy
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Key Person Insurance

I estimated $10,500 for the year which breaks down to $875 a month for all those services.

Payroll is not too crazy. It’s great to have a service because spending time to fill out all the paper work each month is exhausting. I tried to do it once and made it about 4 month before I hired my accountant to take care of it.
Basic payroll service is under $40 for 5 people with bi-weekly direct deposits.

I estimated $40 for 5 employees and $100 for 10.

HR outsourcing is a very important thing and really cost effective to outsource. Basically you are mitigating the following work to the HR firm: ( learn a lot more from this article )

  • Employee benefits : health, 401(k)
  • HR management : hiring or firing employees
  • Risk management : employee handbooks, dispute resolution

Expect a $2000 setup fee and $100 per employee each month

See, this stuff is a pain and took me about an hour to research it all. Now you have it all in a quick article. You’re welcome :)

How to restore your Doge Wallet Backup ( Dogecoin-Qt ) on a mac osX

I just pulled it off, there was no simple guide thus I am describing it now.
Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.20.06 PM

Step 1.
NOTE: If you have coins in the wallet you are about to replace, I’d move them to another wallet or backup that wallet data.

Replace the wallet.dat file located here: /Users/”your mac name”/Library/Application Support/Dogecoin with your back up wallet.dat
– This location may not exist if you are running off a fresh download of Dogecoin-Qt
– Run Dogecoin-Qt and let it start rebuilding the keychain, you can check to see if the directory exists after a couple seconds and quit Dogecoin-Qt and begin step 2.

Step 2.
Open terminal  – shortcut  +space (to open spotlight) type terminal and press enter

Now you need to navigate to where you Dogecoin-Qt app lives. Mine happened to live on a SD memory card.

I input into terminal
cd /Volumes/”Name of my SDcard”

Then type
ls -a
That command will show you everything that exists in that directory.

My lived on the SDcard so next is the part that allows your backed up wallet data to be restored.

Input this command

open -n ./ –args -rescan

Dogecoin-Qt should load up and rescan your wallet.dat
Be patient, go have a snack, and let it rebuild. Your precious coins should be back in your greedy hands.

gollum231Donate some precious Dogecoin my way:  DKHzyEPZA2aAhEW6Jiq3nCBTsBLVHKHL3A